The Map of Design Thinking is a conceptual map designed to help multidisciplinary teams to share a commmon view and understanding of concepts such as innovation, design, creativity and design thinking. It offers a wide, non specialized perspective, that allows each concept to be seen in relation to others. The map helps position concepts, projects, people, companies, tools and places.

The Map of Design Thinking

What is the map for?

The map works like a topographic map, and has the same purpose: it helps to explore an unfamiliar environment. Except, instead of physical places, you explore concepts.

exploring places

The map is also intended to help position yourself in relations with other persons or projects, and find a way to reach new positions.

positions on the map

The map of Design Thinking can be used to create a common understanding through conversation, and then to generate ideas.

The team is now applying the principles of the map to real case scenarios to extract the "rules of the game", or criteria that can be repeated in the widest range of situations.

For more information on the map, you can follow any of the free courses available below.

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The project originated in the Innovation Committee of the 22@ Network, in Barcelona. The curren active team is composed by

The project is an ongoing, collaborative effort. If you're interested in the subject, please feel free to contact any of us.

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